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Volunteer Hours

Each CCS family is required to complete 24 volunteer hours per year. These hours can be served in many different capacities, such as Monday folders, lunch buddies, driving on field trips, working at sports games, etc. To log your volunteer hours, follow the steps below. 


Volunteer Service Hours are Recorded through FACTS. Log into your ParentsWeb account and select "Family Home" on the left column.

Volunteer Hours - Step 1_edited.jpg


Select the family member's name from the drop-down list who is logging in the hours. Then click "Add" in the Service Hours area.

Volunteer Hours - Step 2_edited.jpg


Insert your service information.

  1. Service Date

  2. Enter the hours served.

  3. Description - select the category that best fits your service.

  4. Note - *optional, you can give a more detailed description.

  5. Verified By - this is your child's teacher or organizer of the event you served.

  6. Save

Volunteer Hours - Step 3_edited.jpg

Thank you for your help! 

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