Spiritual Development

Mission Projects

Be My Witness Initiative (BMW)

Serving others and having a larger view of the world is an intentional part of our curriculum.  The BMW Initiative is based upon Acts 1:8 - which calls us to be a witness for Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  With this heart in mind, each grade (PK - 12) participates in a mission project each year.

Grade Level Projects

PK - 7th | various projects within the community
8th | ministry project within the United States

9th -11th  | ministry project within local ministries
12th | international ministry project 

Weekly Chapel

Chapel is an important part of our student's spiritual development. Students spend time together in worship, prayer, and the study of God's word. 

Elementary and Secondary have chapel weekly in age-appropriate sessions to engage students with a hunger for the Word of God. Messages are delivered by guest speakers from local churches as well as school staff. 

Chapel Times

Elementary Chapel - Every Wednesday @ 8:45 AM

Secondary Chapel  - Every Friday @ 9:45 AM

Bible Classes

At Covenant Christian School Bible Curriculum is woven into the fabric of all we do. From Pre-K to 12th grade each student attends Bible classes four days a week studying the Word of God and how it applies to their life as a believer.

Elementary students journey through Creation, the Gospel, the Nation of Israel, Acts & the Early Church, Divided Kingdom, & the Epistles and Revelation.

Secondary students explore both the Old and New Testament, study leadership and character through the Epistles, delve into theology, examine worldviews, and cultivate a rational defense of the Christian faith through apologetics. 

Family Groups

At Covenant Christian School secondary students hold Family Groups once a month. These groups are comprised of students from all grades (7-12), led by an upperclassman, and supervised by CCS staff.  

During Family Groups students experience a more personal level of fellowship as they discuss the word of God and how it applies directly to their life and the world around them. In addition to devotional time, students also spend time talking about their week, playing games, and mentoring elementary students all while building relationships with their classmates and peers. 

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