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In keeping with Covenant Chrisitan School's mission statement, the CCS library's main mission is to model the example of Jesus Christ while providing services and resources that support the academic and informational needs of the school community. The library serves students, faculty, parents, administration, and staff, aiming to encourage the love of reading, as well as support the curriculum at all levels. The librarians work in partnership with faculty members to develop the collection as well as to enhance the learning experience outside of the classroom. In so doing, the primary function of the library is to support and reflect the curriculum within a Christ-centered environment.

The CCS library incorporates STEM activities that reinforce the learning for all students to think, create, share, and grow.  In Pre-K through 2nd grade, our librarians introduce our students to exciting stories and review concepts such as the main idea, the central character, plot and other areas that enhance their understanding of the story and give them tools to accelerate their learning. In 3rd through 6th grade, our students read chapter books, focusing on teaching information literacy skills. Through secondary grades, students have access to the library for research and leisure reading. In addition, students can check out library books, textbooks, Chromebooks, as well as have direct access to desktop computers and printers.

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