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Because relationship is built together.

Vision Behind

Fellowship Benches

At Covenant Christian School, we understand the power of strong relationships and fellowship amongst believers. The heart and vision of Fellowship Benches is to provide a variety of comfortable seating options across campus for use by our students, staff, faculty, and families. These benches will serve as a gathering place for prayer meetings, fellowship between teachers and students, coffee breaks in the grove with like-minded parents, and so much more.

Each bench will be 100% donation funded, customized with an engraved donor plate, and serve as a great reminder as to why Covenant is so much more than a school but rather a family!

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6ft Contoured Slatted Metal Bench

Constructed with durable 3/4" #9 gauge steel with weather-resistant thermoplastic coating. Made in USA and covered by a 5-year commercial warranty. 



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